ARC - Airframe Related Components

Composite repairs

Today, advanced composites and bonded materials are widely used in thrust reversers, engine cowlings, radomes, flight control surfaces and other secondary structures. Our specialists have the right stuff, the experience and the ability to master the latest technologies. 

ARC - more than just a trademark

Behind it stands a reputation built up over decades. Based on rich experience, we provide technical support to every kind of fleet and composition as well as reasonable solutions to technical problems. No one knows the weak spots of an aircraft type better than we do. 

Guarantee for "better than the new" quality

Our shop personal can still repair those parts, which might be scrapped by other MROs. We have the resources to handle complete overhauls, service bulletin upgrades and structural repairs, everything from minor repairs to reskinning or restoration of honeycomb core subassembly. 

Image Map radomes Secondary composite structures Filight Control surfaces Thrust Reversers Engine Nacelles