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Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen responds swiftly to customer's need

Recently, Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen was commissioned by Sichuan Airlines to carry out an on-site repair and certification of B-6518 aircraft nacelle components to meet the standard for lease return check. The TAT of aircraft check was very tight.

Upon receipt of the request, we established a task force immediately, they set up a plan and completed all preparation in just two days and submitted the application to EASA.

Our team departed for Chengdu as soon as we received the EASA approval. We strictly followed regulations and work standard when doing the repair job and completed this on-site repair at high quality 5 days ahead of schedule.

Sichuan Airlines gives high recognition and praise for our work. Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen is also proud of our excellent team, a big thank you to every of our colleague!