Customized Maintenance Programs

Scheduled support
Impressive cost savings to our customers

As an independent unit within the Lufthansa Technik Group, ARC services can respond quickly and flexibly to the market. We offer engine nacelles support for your thrust reverser, inlet cowls and fan cowls on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. 

We customize individual maintenance programs ensuring durability for your parts and at the same time maintaining high availability. This truly saves money. We offer intelligent pooling concepts tailored to your needs.

America - Europe – Asia

ARC®services has a presence with maintenance facilities on the three economically strongest markets. At these facilities in Hamburg/Germany, Shenzhen/China and Tulsa/USA, experienced specialists work for customers from all over the world. Their target is individualized quality for each and every order. Their tools are 40 years of know-how servicing airlines worldwide, 100% personal commitment and the most modern technology. 

Price concepts

  • Time & Material

We offer repair and overhaul based on time and material to customers who are only occasionally sending one single airframe related component to our facility.

  • Fixed price or not to exceed price

We offer repair and overhaul based on fixed price or not to exceed price to customers who regularly send airframe related components to our facility.

  • Cost per flight hour or flight cycle

Most of our customers like to sign a long-term agreement for part of the aircraft fleet or for the whole fleet. For these customers we offer cost-per-flight-hour or per cycle with or without pool access.