App Instruction

Dear Valued Customer:
Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen (LTS) has developed a new Mobile App which will enable you to have easy access to LTS repair capability through mobile phone.

Please refer to the below instructions to download the app and also information on the individual function in this app. 

1. Download App

Scan QR Code 

2. LTS App Function

1) Repair Capability Inquiry
 Search our repair capability by keying in the Primary PN of the product that you are keen to check.
2) Company Profile
 A brief description of LTS with its location (by clicking on to the map) can be found in this function.
3) Contact Us
 Contact details of all LTS sales personnel are in this function and customers can contact the respective sales person in-charge directly through this feature.

Please contact the concerned sales person if you have any question when using LTS App.