Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Minor repairs to complete overhauls
Delicate technologies

Advanced composite and bonded materials have revolutionized modern aircraft construction. Today they are routinely used in thrust reversers, engine cowlings, flight control surfaces, radomes and other secondary structures. But repairing, maintaining and overhauling these delicate technologies both cost-effectively and in a durable manner is no easy matter. It calls for specialists who have the right stuff - the experience and the ability necessary to master cutting-edge technologies as they come along. Lufthansa Technik stands for precisely this. Behind us stands a reputation which Lufthansa Technik has built up over many decades. Drawing on a wealth of experience at providing technical support to fleets of every size and composition in daily flying operations, the fast and permanent solution of technical problems has become a second nature to us. Virtually no one knows the weak spots in a given aircraft type better than Lufthansa Technik. The same is true for our composite parts. 

Strong workforce

While our shop is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, our strength lies in our workforce. They are true masters when it comes to handling and processing the complex matter of aircraft parts. Moreover, they are able to carry out repairs in cases where others would be forced to resort to scrapping. On top of offering the customer an obvious reduction in costs compared with a new part, for most of our services we guarantee a "better than new'"quality.

For all our MRO Services we provide individualized maintenance programs with different pricing models according to your requirements.