Thank you!

This weekend, 6 major districts of Shenzhen started with "No Moving Mode" as a risk control measure against corona virus. Most of businesses are required to pause operations in these areas, including Bao'an district where LTS is located and most of LTS colleagues live.


However, Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen does not stop. 121 of our highly committed employees are now away from their families and friends, temporarily living inside the facility to ensure operation, as the action of our "close-loop" emergency plan. "Close Loop" means our facility is currently in an "Isolated" state, no personnel in and out is allowed in accordance to the government requirement. 


With the sacrifice these colleagues take, LTS is able to serve our customers' urgent demand and lessen the impact on the operation.


Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen is extremely proud of and grateful for having such an amazing team who always supports and empowers LTS without any hesitation. 


Salute Team LTS - More Power LTS!