Total Component Support TCS®

The one-stop component solution
Realise your synergy potential by joining the Lufthansa Technik component pool

An airline operator is faced with an economic challenge: to ensure high aircraft availability while avoiding to tie up a lot of capital in spare-parts inventory. Lufthansa Technik provides the best of two worlds with the TCS®: no investment, yet high aircraft availability by getting access to a huge spare-parts inventory pool currently supporting more than 1400 Boeing and Airbus aircraft all around the world.

TCS® guarantees flexibility throughout. As a customized service package it is exactly tailored to the airline customer's own specific requirements. And should over time these requirement change, it changes right along with them. This helps you cut down on both your investment and cost as well as the number of maintenance suppliers substantially.

Lufthansa Technik experts will take care of all aspects of supplying the fleet with components from initial provisioning studies, home base allocation to repair and overhaul, troubleshooting, documentation and engineering services. And all at the highest quality level with the cumulative professionalism gained from 40 years of hands-on experience. Our logistics experts ensure that everything reaches its destination in the shortest possible time wherever in the world your aircraft happens to be.

Significantly reduce your operating cost

When an airline customer becomes a member of the Lufthansa Technik components pool, the operating costs come down to a level normally available to operators of much larger fleets. No investment in spare parts and predictable maintenance cost and pool participation cost based on a Power-by-the-hour will make the fleet management planable and simple.